Exhibit Request Form for Non-Campus Groups

Campus visitors: Organizations or individuals may visit the College for non-commercial activities such as recruiting or general dissemination of information. When providing tables and chairs, the College reserves the right to set limits per event or organization.

Organizations/Companies: These entitites may offer information regarding the good or services they provide. No sales or commercial transactions are allowed. These organizations and companies must comply with all Miami Dade College Policies and Procedures, federal, state and local laws and regulations. Organizations/companies must file a copy of any applicable tax certificates and/or vendor licenses with the Student Life Office.

This form should be submitted to the Student Life Department at least 15 working days prior to the date of the proposed request for exhibit space. There will be a $100 per table, per day fee. Exceptions may be made for organizations that submit proof of their non-profit 501 3 C status.

All representatives must remain seated or standing behind their assigned table(s) and refrain from approaching or harrassing passersby. Posters, flyers and/or literature distribution must comply with Procedure 4095. Food, drinks, gifts or tokens may be distributed only after approval from the Student Life Office has been granted.




All vendors/visitors must obtain a visitor’s temporary parking pass when parking in any of MDC’s parking lots. This parking pass can be obtained at Public Safety. It is important to note that Student Life is not responsible for any parking infractions/tickets. 

  • Vendor tabling is permitted Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm.
  • Tabling is permitted in the Building 2 Breezeway facing the Koffee House.
  • Vendors must check in at the Student Life office upon their arrival.
  • Vendors must bring their drivers license to the Student Life office to receive a vendor pass that must be returned daily.
  • Vendor pass must be worn while on campus.
  • Vendors must stand behind the assigned table and are not able to approach students.
  • Tabling is limited to no more than 5 consecutive days and no more than 15 days per semester. 
Date(s) of Activity
Start time
End time
Description of Activity: Detailed description of goods, services or products that vendor will be showcasing on campus.
Name of representative
Requestor's address
Requestor's phone number
Requestor's email address
If you are a non-profit organization, please upload a copy of your  501(c)(3)